45 Road Club

2013 NCRA Ser 1 - R3/4 - Old

A brief report by Michael Berry on the event which he also rode in:
After torrential rain all morning on Saturday the heaven’s cleared just in time for round 3 of the NCRA series. The 45 Road Club team had members in various groups and  with 1 lap to go Chantelle, Paul, Tom and Michael were together in the lead group working hard to stay away from the chasing scratch group and showing the 45 colours at the front. With approx 5 miles to go the group were caught and the pace stepped up with two groups forming. Tom and Michael finishing in the second group with Tom contesting the final finish.

Some images from today's event.....

The team, pre-start chat... George... Tom... Paul... Mike... Tel...         Post race de-brief...

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