45 Road Club

45RC 2019TT Series - R1 Whiston Hilly

Results for the traditionally cold, 3.5 degC, and windy first club TT of the 2019 Season - Whiston Hilly

Fastest rider on the day was George Fox (Team Bottrill), fastest club rider on the day Jamie Tuttle, closely followed by brother Dave. Club Junior Trystan Barnett, despite a mechincal problem came in with still worthy time. And so the 2019 Trophy championship table begins......the question on many riders lips was "where's Jack"!

The next round will be the first of the Whiston Handicap points challenge rounds, Tuesday 26th March, firsr rider off 6:45pm

45RoadClub 2019 TT Series Rnd:1 Whiston Hilly
45RC Rider
1: Jamie Tuttle		29:24 (30)
2: Dave Tuttle		29:35 (29)
3: Colin Newport	29:55 (28)
4: Neil Barford		30:07 (TT)
5: Ben Elderton		31:25 (27)
6: Trystan Barnett	31:37 (26) Jnr
7: Simon Fitzhugh	33:24 (25)
8: Mark Ainge		34:32 (24)

Guest Rider
    George Fox		24:56 (TT) Team Bottrill
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