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2019/#25 - Boxing Day Beer&Puddin TT Trophy 26/12/19

26/12/2019 Beer&Puddin’ Trophy 10TT Results

Thanks to ALL the riders that braved the weather on a pretty miserable day and rode.
Needless to say it was wet and very cold, making the results all the more impressive.

Thanks also to Dave and Ben, for pushing off and signs.

Have a great New Year everyone, the club TT calendar will be posted online soon.
45RC Riders
1: Steve Brierley	23:54 (30)
2: Ben Elderton		25:45 (29)
3: Simon Fitzhugh	27:47 (28)
4: Evan Hsu		29:45 (27)

Stuart/Duncan Ross	29:26

Guest Riders
1: George Fox		22:54 Team Bottrill
2: Tony Brown		23:04 KCC
3: Maria Gent		28:00 KCC
4: Graham Rice		28:09 KCC
5: Mark Moriarty	29:09 WDAC

 45RC Club 11TT 2019/#22 - 13/08/19

Results for the Whiston Hilly, and final round of the handicap trophy series.

Not the best evening for a fast TT, but this did not seem to hinder Fabos' performance tonight, whose ride was stellar, passing all the field ahead of him and was just 5 seconds short of setting a new course record on this, one of the toughest TT courses around!

PB's were also set by six riders, Fabos, Trystan, James, Peter, Mark and Graham. Well done to everyone who rode tonight, the handicap table and final result are now updated.

45RC Riders                                  H/Cap Pts
Trystan Barnett		R 28:09 PB (30)
James Windross		R 29:10 PB (29)
Graham Read		T 31:11 PB (28)
Peter Cunningham	R 31:16 PB (27)
Mark Ainge		T 31:36 PB (26)
Lee Barnett		R 33:41    (25)

Guest Riders
Fabos Young		T 24:21 PB Velo Elite
Ed Smith		T 27:31    Treads CC
Gallery by Simon

Gallery by Kevin

45RC Club 10TT 2019/19 - 23/07/19

2019ttr19-KG 45RC Club TT Series 2019/#19 10TT on the A6 Bypass circuit - Results
Not a particularly fast event this evening, very hot and humid, but still didn;t stop 5 riders from setting PB's Well done to Jamie, Graham, Mark, Josh and Graham. Josh's time was even more impressive since he was on age restricted gearing, so watch out when he goes full open gearing! Fabos pulled out after 5 miles as he wasn't feeling it tonight.
Thanks to Ian for PO duty, Lee and Trystan for signs duty.

45RC Riders
 1: Jamie Tuttle	R 22:48 PB (30)
 2: Trystan Barnett	T 24:20    (29)
 3: Simon Fitzhugh	T 25:02    (28)
 4: Graham Read		T 25:32 PB (27)
 5: Mark Ainge		T 25:53 PB (26)
 6: Andy Wildman	R 26:17    (25)
 7: Lee Barnett		R 27:42    (24)

Guest Riders
    George Fox		T 20:39    Team Bottrill
    Josh Brown		T 22:55 PB KCC
    Mike Farrow		T 25:09    HFCC
    Graham Rice		T 25:59 PB  -
    Fabos Young		T DNF      Velo Elite
David Browns's gallery (contact him for HiRes versions)

Kevin's gallery

John Woods' gallery

45RC Club 10TT 2019/#20 - 30/07/19

Results for round 20 of the club TT Series - Salcey Forest 30th Jully 2019
On a pretty wet and breezy evening, 10 brave souls rode the Salcey 10TT.
A real hardy group they were too and some really good times also. Many thanks to all the riders and to the helps, Kevin, Lee and Trystan. 
The series trophy table is updated and is currently a tie for the top spot. The handicap trophy table is also updated as this was round 3, of 4, for the handicap trophy series. You need at least 3 scores to count for this trophy.

45RC Riders				H/cap Pts
 1: Trystan Barnett	R 25:09 (30)	  59
 2: Ben Elderton	R 25:51 (29)	- 53
 3: James Windross	R 26:56 (28)	-103
 4: Evan Hsu		R 27:24 (27)	- 16
=5: Mark Ainge		T 27:34 (26)	 135
=5: Simon Fitzhugh	T 27:34 (26)	- 53
 7: Peter Cunningham	R 27:47 (24)	   0
 8: Lee Barnett		R 30:25 (23)	-382

Guest Riders
   Eddie Smith		T 24:17 Treads CC
   Duncan White		T 31:59 A5Rangers

Kevin's gallery

45RC Club 10TT 2019/#17 - 09/07/19

2019/#17 Club 10TT - 9th July 2019 A6 Bypass Results 

Conditions look promiing this evening and there were some very good results. 2 PBs, for Ben Elderton and Paul Sturgess, and a new 2-Up (Males) Course Record to Paul Hardy and James Hyde of 20:57.

Thanks to all the riders taking part and very well done. And thanks to the support crew, Ben, Peter and James for their assistance.
45RC Riders
 1: Ben Elderton	T 22:00 PB   (30)
 2: Trystan Barnett	T 23:05      (29)  
 3: Simon Fitzhugh	T 24:29      (28)
 4: Ian Stokes		T 24:55      (27)
 5: Mark Ainge		T 26:27      (26)
 6: Lee Barnett		R 27:41      (25)

    Mike Berry		R 24:48 
    Garry Thacker	R
    Jamie Tuttle	R 22:35
    Steve Brierley	R

Guest Riders
    Paul Ashdown	T 24:43    KCC
    Paul Sturgess	R 25:16 PB Gorilla Firm
    Graham Rice		T 26:09       - -
    Michael York	R 26:49    VeloElite

    Paul Hardy	R 20:57  CR VeloElite
    James Hyde	R           VeloElite

    George Fox	R 21:20     Team Bottrill
    Edd Clayson	R           VeloElite 

Kevin's gallery
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